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Welcome to our online store specializing in wholesale distribution of high-quality fabric casings and spices for sausage products. We are your trusted source for premium casings and flavorful spices, imported from Europe and available for wholesale purchase throughout the United States
We offer you elastic and non-elastic netting in the widest range of shapes, types and colours available on the market:
Spatex casings
Spatex casings are an innovative solution combined with exceptionally easy application. Spatex is produced in the forms of casings, sheets and textile rolls coated with spices and herbs blends.

Membranes for meat

The catalog of membranes, shapes, colors, prints as well as the materials used allow the choice of a membrane for different products: raw-dried salami, boiled and smoked salami, sausages, drums, hams.

Different sizes allow products from 0.5 kg to 7-8 kg.

The materials used allow drying, smoking, boiling, ripening of the products and the draining of the extra liquid from the mass of the product (for hams or drums).

Viscoflex casings
Solution which guarantees the recurrent shape and attractive appearance for steamed and cooked meat products
Meat processing additives
We have a full range of natural spices in containers of different types and different weights, depending on the recommendations
of Customer, as well as all kinds of functional additives necessary
in the production of cured meat

For sausages

Complete functional and taste solutions for the production of thin and thick sausages and roasts. A wide range of natural mixtures of spices that can fully utilize meat flavors, giving it an original and interesting direction.

For smoked meats

A unique assortment of glazes for smoked meats, which give products a nice shine, color and aroma. Our offer also includes ready-made flavors such as plum, cherry, honey, as well as bases for creating any flavor at the customer's request. Our technology significantly improves the quality of the finished product, making it more meaty. We offer complete brines for injections of individual elements of pork, poultry and beef ranging from 10% to 130%

For homogenized products

A complete group of functional and flavor additives, intended for production of homogenized products. It ensures appropriate structure, color, emulsification, flavor, and aroma of products.

For barbecue products

Our line of products for barbecue includes a broad range of dry marinades, toppings, and spice mixes in a full range of flavors and colors: from classic pepper, through herb, to very sophisticated ethnic flavors

For block products

For the poultry products group,meat flavors of poultry, ground meat, and canned meat profile, flavor and space mixtures with natural spices and spice extracts, and complete functional solutions that ensure products of excellent structure

For pates and roasted meats

We offer complete functional and flavor solutions for the production of pates, liver sausages and sterilized offal products that meet the needs of customers who prefer both traditional and modern taste

Freshness Extenders

Our freshness extenders are clean label products and do not contain E additives. The wine vinegar they contain gives them a natural anti-bacterial effect. It also makes the flavor of the finished product more intensive. What is also important, the DV and the MV are declared on the label as "aromas." The DV has the form of a powder and the MV - of a liquid.
Dosing: 0.5-3%
Intended use: because of their "clean labels," they are designed especially for premium products.

Alginate casings are suitable for all co-extrusion systems available in the market:

  • Alginate is a 100% plant-based casing and is suitable for Kosher and Halal products
  • The casing on a finished product is almost unnoticeable when biting
  • It is characterized by low doses and versatile application
  • It is suitable for 8 mm to 28 mm calibers
  • It has a long expiry date (8 months)
  • For dried, smoked, and smoked-steamed products
Promar's offer includes the following types of casings:
  • basic casings
  • colored casings
  • flavored casings
Welcome to Spice Dynamics Corp! We are a leading importer based in the United States, sourcing premium spices, seasonings, and high-functional blends from European countries. Our extensive range includes top-quality ingredients for sausage production, smoked meats, casings for sausages, and alginate-based casing mixes. We also provide smoking nets for meat processing. Trust us for exceptional flavors and reliable ingredients for your culinary creations
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